For the surfer who wants the best performance in the best waves, who would like to break barriers every surf.



Mid Range-
  • Mini mals
  • Hybrids
  • Funboards

  • Fish
  • From the novice to the casual surfer for all wave conditions these boards have surprising performance capabilities,,,and we all know the surf isn't always perfect at the time we have off to do it.See the GALLERY for examples.

    Genesis Custom Made,

    The Surftech Range

    Guaranteed to get you waves in average and good waves.User friendly equipment for style.Have a look at our LONGBOARDS and rides in the gallery.

    Featured Genesis, Bear & Robert August longboards

    Special Boards

    Ever had that exceptional board?-That twin fin went so well,,,Or the collectable log for the wall, just to display. If it can't be restored, we can handshape a new replica of it.

    For more see the GALLERY.

    Featured above is a copy of an 80's twinfin and a restorations of two 60's longboards.

    We offer professional repairs for all surfboards, SLS boards, skis and more.

    Even if you've snapped it, the board can be saved, and some boards are worth saving.We will need to see the damage before quoting it's cost, but if it turns out to be worse, our quote still stands, and we guarrantee our work.

    Where possible, we always try for a one week turn around because you know that there probably will be surf on the following weekend.It happens.

    But what happens if it is pumping in that week? If you don't have a spare, we have been known to loan boards, so ring us.It's not worth the torture of missing out.For more info see the GALLERY.

    It's not just boards; we also repair anything FIBREGLASS.