Retro Replicas & Restorations

In recent years we have custom made and restored an increasing variety of surfboards from all eras. For Example, a 1966 "new era"style McDonagh malibu, a 1971 Keith Paul single fin, a 1973 keel fin fish & MR Twin Fins.

At left the original 66' McDonagh,.Centre and right are 2003 replicas

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A restored 70's Keith Paul Harmony surfboard. A Sam Egan airbrush design. If you've got one, keep it.

At right,a '73 Genesis single fin:The owner bought it new.

78' Twin Fin replica

Steve's 1978 5'10" Genesis twin fin copied and scaled up to 6'0" in 2007. After it was restored, Steve reckoned it was too good to ride, so he had a brand new one made and surf's that now.

The original is on the right side.



A modern longboard handmade in Balsa and fibreglass by Peter Walker. It's hollow but not veneer. CONTACT US, if you want one.
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