Below are a few of the surfers and their Shortboards,Fish,Hybrid surfboards, Mini malibus and Longboards we have custom made.

If you have a Genesis custom surfboard, or had one previously, that improved your surfing performance, send us a photo and comments about it, we would like to hear from you.

Surfers and their new boards

Surfer Testimonials

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Darren's 6'6"x19.25"x2.5" Rounded Squaretail-June 07

"I've surfed my new custom handshaped board a few times now and on first impressions it enters the wave easily and is fast on the wall. I'm impressed with it's maneoverability.It carves.In hindsight I would have prefered it to be a bit lighter, but I did specify a 6oz glass job which is more durable.







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Mack's 5'10"x17.5"x2.1"Rounded squaretail-Feb07

"Hey, It's Mack-my board is very good.It rides well on the mid coast 'cause the waves are really slow and it's a good around board and good on big waves too."


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Andrew's Quad Fish 6'2" x 21 7/8" x 2 7/8"- Sept 07

Hi Rick,

Just a quick word to say thanks for another great board.

The only problem is that I didn’t get you to shape me a quad years ago.

My board quiver/collection was getting a bit out of control.

After my first couple of surfs on my new quad I now have no problem selling a couple of my old faithfuls and a newish fish I’ve been riding.

It’s easy to paddle, drive, super manageable, holds its line like nothing I’ve ever ridden, and it just seems to generate this little squirt of speed out of no where. It feels great in big and small waves and just seems to respond to what I’m thinking of doing. It’s made me feel like an amped little grom again. I just can’t wait for the next swell. The mal’s have been shelved for a while and I’m still catching heaps of waves.

Thanks again for taking the time with me in the shaping bay I know I can be a bit of a pain in the ass but it’s all worth it.

Thanks again, Andrew



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Marks Thruster 6'10" x 19 1/2" x 2 5/8"-Aug 07

Genesis – (def) origin / production / creation of STOKE!

The definition above says it all, my new custom built 6’ 10” Genesis surfboard is certainly the origin of my new found STOKE!.

This is my third custom board from the boys at Mid Coast Surf in 10 years and they only get better.

Employing the latest design features such as:

 single to double concave,

 fast release rails,

 excellent transition factor and

 lightweight strength

has enabled my surfing to “flashback” to when floaters and snaps come as second nature.

My first ride on it was a 4ft Waitpinga bank pumping its nuts off in glassy light northerly off shores, insane. Did moves I have not done for a while!

Talk to Rick or Mark directly and their years of real experience will create a lasting impression in you and your surfing.

Yours in Surfing, Mark


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Jesse's Quiver-June 07

hey how you guys going

attached are some photos of the most recent boards that i got from you guys and also some photos of me and anna on KI in the last few months riding your boards.

board 1- plain white- 6'1",18 1/4, 2 5/16, favourite board, flat rocker, squash tail, drivey loose and fast, great for right in the pocket. workes well in 2 to 6 foot surf. Best board in a many years!

board 2- red spots- 6'1", 18 1/8, 2 1/4, not a bad board, flat rocker, round tail, tends to go better when the waves become a bit more hollower and rounder. this board tends to be surfed better when there is little need to speed weave and the surfing style is more orientated in coming of one single rail turn to create speed.

board 3- fish- 5' 10", 20 1/8, 2 5/8, unreal fun when historically i would not go out or i would grab the old mans mal on a hot day. good in small shitty conditions, especially 2 foot onshore slop and offshore fat handers. it takes a few waves to get the hang of it as usually after surfing a standard short board you transfer the same surfing technique over, but after thinking hippy style you soon get the style sorted. great for fast round house cutbacks when all other boards will bog rail. great non serious sessions.

peace jesse





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Stewy's best board Sept 07

Rick Ford has shaped the best board I’ve ridden ever in thirty years plus of surfing. The difference this time in ordering a board I talked at length and actually listened to the shaper instead of thinking I knew the shape I wanted.

After many discussions with Mark Taylor I finally decided to talk to Rick seriously about a new board. Talking with Rick over several days and hour at a time I really felt at ease with the board he was to shape me. After getting older and wiser I had been riding a “fun” board and wanted to get back to riding a more conventional nosed board again. Rick spent a considerable amount to time talking about what I wanted from a board and what types of surf I was usually riding.

The end result – a longer short board 7’0” x 20” x 2 9/16” rounded square.

I have found it is the most responsive board on take offs, is easy to gain some speed and momentum from a couple of twitches. Excellent down the line speed and with relative ease to come off the top and then keep then keep that speed. Being older I found my knees and back were really sore surfing the “fun board” and pushing it beyond its one dimensional limitations. My new board is making my surfing a great deal easier to turn without straining knees or back.

I have recently surfed my brains out on the August/September swells on the Mid and feel like a grommet again. Even with a couple of surfs at Middleton the board surfs really well in flat waves. Waits and Parsons took the board to another level again. Hanging to get into some waves of substance over Yorkes.

With out a doubt talk to Rick before getting aboard shaped or off the rack. You will get the board for you and your surfing. As well as learning a hell of a lot about surfing and shaping. You will be stoked and amazed at the massive improvement in your surfing.

Many thanks to Rick and Mark.

There is life in this old dog yet.





Jorge Sliva's 10' Longboard Aug 07

I’d like to thank Rick Ford and Mark Taylor for their efforts of shaping and glassing my long board. This is the third board I have had shaped by Mid Coast Surf, and with every change to the original design I feel we have perfected the board to my own personal style of surfing. If it wasn’t for Rick and mark’s Knowledge and expertise I wouldn’t be having as much fun as I am having to this day. The board that we have designed has become my ultimate wave catching machine. Doing tricks is truly effortless; from fin first take off’s to nose riding.

I highly recommend Mid Coast Surf for all customization, repairs and advice.

I cannot truly express my gratitude.

Thank you Mid Coast.

Jorge Silva



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Steve's Retro Replica: Single Flyer Swallowtail Twin Fin 6' x20" x2 5/8", Nov07

Surfed the original board in my teens in the 80's, always liked the fish style of board, but found the size of the board at 5'9" a bit too short, as I have filled out a bit in 20 years.

Being an early Genesis I had it restored by Mark Taylor as I have with many classic shapes over the years. Then Rick Ford (who shaped it originally) did an excellent reproduction adding an extra 3" in length to make it 6'0". All other dimensions being the same as the original, as well as glass finish & hand made fins by Mark, Mark also did the spray which sets off the early 80's decals beautifully.

A fun board to surf in punchy little waves, great for surfing high in the pocket which the channelled bottom & large fin set up allows.

I also enjoy the release the twin fin gives you if you force your back foot through turns, a perfect mix of hold and release.