Sponsored Surfers & Junior Scholarships

  • Since we began we have supported promising surfers and lifesavers with boards, accessories coaching and finance to pursue their dreams in competitions.

  • This sometimes takes years to acheive and so we have ascending levels of sponsorships from B to AAA levels. It is our policy to support these dedicated competitors even when they have retired from contests.

  • We must thank these people for the invaluable feedback they have provided in board design and performance.The boards we make for all surfers and lifesavers today have the imput of over thirty years of feedback on research and development from those we have sponsored.


  • In recent years we have also provided non binding scholarships providing surfboards and coaching to young enthustiastic school kids who otherwise would not have the experience or contest results to attain sponsorships.These are the surfers who need the most help.



    Sponsored Shortboard Riders

    West Cape,Photo by Damon Arandelovic

    Todd Goudie

    Years surfing: 16

    Sponsored from: 1991-2007

    Successes:Competition-3rd Australian nationals 2002,5th Australian nationals 2003,Six times State shortboard Champ 2000-2006,1st Robe2000,002,2006,2007.

    Yorks Classic 2000.

    Channell 10 Star Surf reporter 2007.

    Favorite waves: Blackfellas 6ft offshore,Seaford reef.

    Latest board: 6'2"x17 3/4" x2 "Fast responsive rounded pin, single concave.


      Troy Smith

      Years surfing:12

      Sponsored from:2000

      Successes:Experiencing North Shore Hawaii

      Favorite wave:Chinamans

      Latest board: 6'3"x18 1/4" x2 3/8"Rounded squaretail,single-double concave.


        Secret Indo wave. Photo by ?

        Anna Jenner

        Years surfing

        Sponsored from


        Favorite wave

        Last board 6'2" x18 1/2" x2 1/4"


          Anna at State Titles,Photo by ?

          Sponsored Longboarders/Shortboarders

          Andy Handcock

          Years surfing: 36

          Sponsored from: 1979

          Successes: Yorks Classic 1985, 2nd World Longboard title Costa Rica 1990, 3rd 8' division, 4th 9' division National Longboard Titles 1990,12 time State Titles Longboard Champion,10 time 8' State Titles Champion, 1st 2007 Middleton Longboard Invitational.

          Favorite wave: The hump, Seaford Reef,Blacks.

          Latest board:6'5"x19 1/2"x2 3/8" Modern Fish-"An all round board from1' Trough to 4'+ Indo Waves"

          Graig Bonnet

          Years surfing: From 1993

          Sponsored from:2006

          Successes: National Surf Coaching Camp

          Favourite wave: Seaford Reef

          Latest board: 9'1" Genesis longboard & 5'11" Genesis Shortboard


          Jayden Coso

          2005 scholarship winner

          Presentation night_______________________Pondi Lefts

          Mack Baddack

          2006 scholarship winner

          Mack at Gulls

          Angela Omeche

          2006 scholarship winner

          Angela at Middleton