Where we came from-Where we are going

  • Today we've come a long way from two surfers who saw the opportunity to make and sell surfboards at our present locality in 1980. Both of us had made surfboards as far back as 1969, but now we were serious about professional production, and establishing Mid Coast Surf. We saw the future of surfing in Australia, and we wanted to grow with it.

  • Today Mid Coast Surf is a constituted company with links and joint ventures established with other successful enterprises around the world. The range of international surf brands we represent and stock for all surfers is testament to this.

  • The future looks bright with the sport nowdays encompassing both sexes, all occupations, all generations. Whether you're a hot competition surfer, a travelling surfer or a middle aged longboarder, we are all involved for the fun and pure exhilaration of surfing.

  • This is why the people at Mid Coast Surf identify with the needs of surfers who walk through our shop door.


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