Marion Waterslide

Apart from resurfacing this slide, major structural repairs to the supports were made. The work came with a 2 year warranty.Since then regular checks and maintenence was carried out.

Solar Arrays


This project was a joint venture with Street & Park Furniture to design and produce asethically designed curved arrays for West Lakes and Adelaide City councils.With a 150 photo cells each these arrays had the capacity to return a surplus of electicity to the main grid.

Kitchen & Bar tops


This is a cost effective and durable way to bring out the rich colours of hardwoods such as redgum. The resin glaze finish is a heat resistant, easily maintained finish that continually hardens in time . Scratch plate glass, marble or granite and it's scatched forever and will need to be replaced. The resin glaze finish and be repaired and resurfaced on site, as it was when new.


Defence department/Radome Inc. contract to repair and maintain radar domes for the navy.

Our Unique Skills & Flexibility

Radiotherapy tables,Aircraft tail cones & wheel fairings,Caravan repairs and more. If you think because it's a once off, is too hard, or the cost is too great and can't be done- Our phone number for SPECIALTY FIBREGLASSING is +61 8 83846891 or